Summertime and the Fishin' is Easy in SoWal!

May 24, 2014 by Larry Pentel

Like the title says, the fishin' has been easy and the weather has been great too. If you can't fill the box right now you need to take up golf! This is the time of year when there is some of almost everything around to catch pretty easily...well, to get to bites anyway.

It's always easier to get the bite on a big one than to land 'em! The Amberjacks are still up inshore on some of the large stucture and there are some big ones ones mixed with little and just legal. It's hard to stop a 40-50 pound jack from taking you to the bottom in less than 100 feet of water! The "smaller" ones are always easier to bring to the boat.

The Kings have shown up in force the last few days and we have been able to limit out in short order to still have plenty of time to bottom fish even on the shorter three-hour trips. The bottom fishin has been pretty darn great too, with limits of Vermillion Snapper on most trips along with some Triggers and Pinks mixed in. Still plenty of Scamps inshore as well, with a good many being of legal size.

The Sharks have shown up in force and while they are horrible about eating a big Snapper or AJ right at the boat, I have had several trips lately where my anglers wanted to catch a toothy critter and we had no trouble filling the order.

As always, pictures are the proof, so here's a few.

This was a release trip, and we released a BUNCH but kept one BIG fish for pictures!

We got weathered out and only got 2 hours in but still got these guys a pair of fine Blacktips to make thier vacation.

The Amberines have shown up on a couple spots too!

Some regulars with a limit of Vermilions, a King and even a Mahi.

A great Limit of Kings!

Full House ! A pair of Kings, a pair of Jacks and a limit of Snappers.

These kids had a blast catching a piule of Snappers on an afternoon trip. That King 'bout beat dad down too.

These guys had never been before but figured it out quick enough to get a limit of Kings, 4 Scamp, a bunch of Snapper and 2 Big AJ on a 4 hr. trip

hese 2 did have some help from thier parents getting a limit of Kings along with some Snapper on an afternoon 3 hr. but I think they could have done it thier own.

This mornings 4 hr trip. A limit of Kings, a limit of Vermilions and a legal AJ, they released a bunch more AJ's including 3 that were less than a 1/4" short!

The BIG fishing news of course is that Red Snapper open at midnight tonight in Florida State waters. Even with all these other critters around to chase I'm sure that the Red Snappers wil be the predominate catch hangin' from the nails over the next 52 days! 


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Captain Larry Pentel is a native of South Walton, growing up just 300 yards from the beach. Having fished the local waters for over 40 years, he is very familiar with all the different types of local fish, their habits, and most importantly - their habitats. Captain Larry is the owner of Dead Fish Charters

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