Take a Walk Through Old Florida at Camp Helen State Park

Do you love the REAL Florida? Do you love OLD Florida? Then a visit to Camp Helen State Park on the east end of South Walton is a must.

The protected sanctuary is sandwiched between our largest coastal dune lake, Lake Powell, and the gulf. Camp Helen is a true gem not to be missed, with amazing views from high bluffs, rustic foot bridges over still waters, forested trails teeming with wildlife, and a bit of Florida history to boot.

Mahi Madness in South Walton

The big fish news the past 10 days has been the Mahi!

While Panama city had a touch of Red Tide that seemed to make national news, we have had the prettiest water of the year off Grayton. Clear deep blue "offshore " water within 5 miles of the beach some days. Patchy grass lines that move in and out, no big islands of grass or thick lines but a distinct tide line that has had a lot of Mahi scattered along it.

Changing Gears and Fish Seasons

Hard to believe it's getting towards the end of July and Red Snapper season is over for 2018.

We have had a really great run of nice weather, I think I got to run 27 days in row until a blow 2 days ago. All that pretty weather had some fantastic fishing adventures and catches. I can't put up but a few pictures so don't get upset if you had a great catch and didn't make the fish report... just another reason to go again!

Red, White, and Blue on the Board

Whew, 4th of July and it's busy! I took the afternoon off to fix broke stuff and get off a very crowded beach.

Fishing is still good, lots of Red Snappers. We even had a REAL one this morning, about 25 pounds. Not that many big ones but plenty of good fish. The kings have been biting good, a few black Snappers, a grouper bite or three 'bout every trip. They are still the hardest fish to land, first you gotta hook 'em, then keep 'em out of the bottom and then... beat the sharks back to the boat.

Seeing Red (Snappers) in SoWal

June 1st is the official start of summer for most folks. Also the end of Triggerfish and Amberjack season for a couple months. BUT, the start of Red Snapper and Gag Grouper!

Red Snapper opened up for Federally permitted charter boats on the 1st so I am driving the "pointed nosed boat" with the permit until at least the 11th when snappers open to the general public. I got to run 2 trips on opening day and we got nice limits of Red Snappers on both the morning 4 hr and the afternoon 3 hr. Too rough today so I am having to wait to go chase 'em for a day or 2.


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