Let's Go Fishing in South Walton

July 8, 2016 by Jill Tanner

Fishing is more than just a past time in South Walton – it’s a way of life! Local fishing guides are packed to the gills with business - and of course fish! Going out on a boat with a pro is always fun and rewarding, but if you want to go fishing on a whim, here's our latest SoWal List with some sweet spots around town locals and visitors can easily go to catch fish in South Walton

Fishing the Bay and Bayous of South Walton

Tucker Bayou
Tucked at the end of Highway 395, past Eden Gardens State Park, is Tucker Bayou. If you are looking for a quaint little spot to fish without many folks in South Walton, then Tucker Bayou is where you should go. There's a small boat ramp there and a dock where you can fish as well. This is the perfect spot to put in your kayak or paddleboard, as there usually aren’t many motorboats around. It’s hidden locales like Tucker Bayou that add to the beauty and charm of South Walton. SoWal inside info: the dock there is where the ferry scene in the Truman Show was filmed.

Hogtown Bayou
Hogtown Bayou has become quite the popular fishing spot in South Walton. The big boat ramp makes it easy for boats to get in and out and the park-style grounds make it family friendly. Hogtown Bayou is complete with restrooms, parking, covered picnic tables, and a playground. Take the whole family for a fun-filled day of adventure. Located on Highway 393 north, just before you get to the bay.

Gigging in the bay or Gulf 
Gigging for flounder is a type of fishing which is exciting and rewarding if you know when and where to go. It's really more like hunting than fishing. Standing on a boat using underwater lights, and a five-prong spear, Flounder are easily seen and speared. Flounder lay flat on the bottom, making them easy to spot. Capt. Phil Hammond of Captain Phil’s Charters will take you out at night gigging for flounder in South Walton. Gigging is great fun, so take a group out and get to gigging.

Fishing the coastal dune lakes on Scenic 30A in South Walton

South Walton’s Coastal Dune Lakes
Fishing in one of our 15 coastal dune lakes just may be the most peaceful fishing experience you can have in South Walton. The serene settings of the lakes bring peace to your mind, while the generous fresh and saltwater fish, make it a fisherman’s dream. Coastal dune lakes only exist in a few areas of the world, South Walton being one of them. Bass and bream are freshwater fish found in coastal dune lakes, while trout, flounder, and a few other saltwater species can also be found.

Grayton Beach State Park
The 2,200-acre park features a boat ramp that provides access to Western Lake's brackish waters for both freshwater and saltwater fishing in South Walton. Grayton Beach State Park is a great place to put in your paddleboard or kayak to fish on Western Lake. The lake winds around through Grayton Beach State Park and offers incredible scenery plus abundant wildlife.


Fly Fishing on Western Lake at Grayton Beach State Park in South Walton  

Thanks to these three die hard fishermen for their help with this article:
Capt. Larry Pentel of Dead Fish Charters, Capt. Phil Hammond of Captain Phil’s Charters, Capt. Hunter Ray of Florida Boy Adventures

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SoWal Insider Tip: surf fishing on the beach is one of the most popular ways to catch fish in South Walton. How to get started surf fishing? Topsail Hill Preserve State Park periodically offers a Surf Fishing Class. If you'd like to learn more about fishing in South Walton, this class is your chance. If you can't wait, or just need bait, tackle, and tips - visit Stinky's Bait Shack in Dune Allen. They have all the gear and can also set you up with a boat charter in the Gulf or the bay.

Do I need a freshwater or saltwater fishing license or both? Check out guidelines at the Florida Fish and WildlifeConservation Commission's website.

The Grayton Beach Mosquito Fleet launches right from the beach in Grayton Beach for convenient and easy fishing just offshore.

Fishing the jetties in Destin and Panama City Beach is great fun.

Surf fishing in South Walton is easy.

Getting closer to the fish with a creative surf fishing method in South Walton.

Fishing in South Walton is great father-son time.

Fish on a party boat from either Destin or Panama City Beach.

Who said fish don't have lips!

So there you have our latest SoWal List - all about fishing in South Walton. We'd love to hear your fish tales - the bigger the better! Let us know your favorite kinds of fish to catch and eat, or catch and release. 


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We are having a small family reunion at a home in Seacrest Beach beginning July 9th. There will be 5 grandchildren ages 5 to 13. Can anyone tell me where I can take them fishing. No boats.....nothing big...just some place where they might catch a small, saltwater fish and have a happy experience. I would so appreciate any advice. Thank you!
Please contact Stinky's Bait Shack in story above and have fun!
Stinky's is awesome. They've got gear and advice.
Yes Go to Stinky's and there are also local guides you can hire that will work with kids. Good luck!
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