Zuma at Alys Beach Offering Fitness Center Memberships to All

March 6, 2019 by SoWal Staff

The new fitness center at Alys Beach is nearing completion and it is a wonder to behold. The plans are coming to fruition and everyone is invited to join during the exclusive initial membership drive.

ZUMA – Born from the Mediterranean spirit of peace and balance through health and beauty. ZUMA is the word for peace. The 15,000-square foot ZUMA campus was designed by Nequette Architecture & Design, a Birmingham, AL-based architecture firm. Not simply a fitness center, and much more than a gym, ZUMA will be the meeting of design, beauty, state-of-the-art technology and community, created as a space to uphold the pillar of wellness as a part of life defined at Alys Beach. 

The design of the Fitness Center at Alys Beach was inspired by the peaceful location with a strong focus on natural light in every room of the building. Surrounding courtyards will be visible to the Fitness Center visitors through large glass framing. Every detail of the Fitness Center was designed with the community in mind to not just be a gym, but a gathering place for all individuals.  

The space, and all within it, lends itself to a mindful and holistic full-body experience. With a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, luxurious landscaping and calming water features, the experience at ZUMA will truly be transforming, as one transitions from the hustle of day-to-day life into a space fully focused on optimal wellness, both physically and mentally.

The ZUMA campus will consist of many diverse and distinct spaces. The Lift Room, the Movement Room, the Cardio Room and the Recovery Room are core components of the facility, complemented by an indoor/outdoor pool, two treatment rooms, steam rooms in both men’s and women’s locker rooms, exterior natural spaces, a juice bar and other amenities designed to promote growth toward a better wellbeing for Alys Beach homeowners and rental guests.

With ZUMA opening in early 2019, we are proud to introduce the key leadership team. TJ Middleton will serve as Director of Fitness and Tennis, known to many of you as Alys Beach’s popular tennis professional who has played in 15 Wimbledon tournaments. Patrick Hoffner, who will also be joining us full-time and will be the Head Fitness Professional at ZUMA is a respected TRX Coach and holistic wellness trainer who has been holding classes here at Alys Beach for the last two years.

Alys Beach will be offering a limited number of outside memberships in an effort to attract the best instructors and develop enough of a class base to offer diverse programming on a regular basis, including yoga, spin, TRX and others. The limited outside memberships will be recallable as our homeowner and rental guest base grows. 

We will be releasing detailed outside membership information in October. If you or anyone you know in the area may find membership at ZUMA of interest, please follow the link below and fill out the form. We will be contacting this list first with the release of the membership FAQ’s, rates and applications.

Click for membership application, prices, and more information >


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