Seaside Half Marathon & 5K Run 2010 Video

Whether you are a serious distance runner or a casual weekend warrior, you'll have fun in America's classic beach town on Sunday, March 6,  2011, at 7:00 am  for the ninth annual Seaside School Half Marathon and 5K Run.

But sign  up now! The 5K Run is limited to the first 800 participants and the Half  Marathon is limited to the first 2,200 participants! Proceeds benefit the Seaside Neighborhood School.

Montessori School Flourishes in Point Washington

School drop-off and pick-up times are a hectic blur of kids stumbling out of cars in the morning and hours later dashing back in to head home. At South Walton Montessori Academy these are also times to make crucial connections.

On a crisp fall afternoon teachers Catherine Beall, Natalie Jobling and David Hopkins carefully manage the pick-up line. They chat with moms and dads, pet family dogs and share tidbits about the day, just like family members.

MountainFilm on Tour at WaterColor Turns Ten

Perfect attendance.  I can’t remember the last time I attained that lofty status.  Maybe a one-week stint of vacation bible school or my own birthday parties.

But it’s been ten years and I can honestly say I’ve never missed a night of MoutainFilm on Tour at WaterColor.  It might just be my all-time favorite weekend of the year.

Certainly, the best event that doesn’t involve swimming in the Gulf. 


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