Fishin's Fantastic! Fishing With Captain Larry

Somebody needs to get up with the Chamber of Commerce and see if we can get a patent on the last 10 days. If not I sure hope we at least get summer re-runs ! The cobia run continues on with lots of fish around, the spanish are here in good numbers, there are a few groupers to be had, plenty of pinks and vermillions and, of course, the ever present Red Snappers are piled up just waiting to be caught and released.

Spring Is Here! Fishing With Captain Larry

Okay- It's official, Spring has finally arrived. There are Spring Break kids all up and down 30-A and some of 'em are even swimming in the ( 60 degree) Gulf ! While it's rough again now, we actually had 4 beautiful, sunny, calm days in row !

I got to run 3 of the 4 calm days and we had great catches every trip. Still plenty of good sized (20 to 35#) Amberjacks around. All the Red Snapper you can release at whatever size you want to target. Good bites of Vermilion snappers if you get on the "right" rock and some pretty big triggers mixed in occasionally also.


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