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BoatHouse Paddle Club

Situated on beautiful Western Lake in Watercolor, the BoatHouse Paddle Club is the perfect paddle location in South Walton. Owner Tom Losee and crew offer a variety of fun activities including RUN/SUP, a fitness concept involving running and standup paddling, centered around the YOLO lifestyle brand he founded several years ago. 

Tom and his wife Darla are both longtime runners/paddlers. Their RUN/SUP operation combines running and stand- up paddling into one heck of a workout. Their motto: Let your workout take you somewhere. You don't have to be a fitness fanatic to get out on the lake and enjoy the best of the natural world in SoWal - first timers of all ages are welcome!

For those that love the outdoors, a RUN/SUP class is a great opportunity to enjoy our natural resources while staying fit. The workout class combines the two disciplines (running and stand-up paddling), and includes a warmup run followed by a stand-up paddle session involving paddling and onboard exercises. Hourly paddle board rentals are available to the public.

Paddleboard yoga classes are popular as well. The instructor will take you out on a standup paddle board (provided) and help you discover why SUP Yoga takes your practice to a new level. The boards used at The BoatHouse Paddle Club are specially designed RUN/SUP inflatable boards, made to be extremely stable. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, the RUN/SUP boards will allow you to get up, move and strike a pose in a matter of minutes. Soak in the tranquil setting among lily pads and rare coastal beauty of Western Lake.

TRX Suspension is another popular class taught at The BoatHouse Paddle Club. You will find the instructors to be helpful, encouraging you to modify based on your level of fitness, all while having a great time. TRX is a great way to gauge your strength and target core muscles that are essential for running and paddling.

In the summer and spring, check out the RUN/SUP Race Series that have become extremely popular for the whole family. The race includes a one mile trail run and a one mile SUP route. You can follow the race on their Facebook page or Instagram. When it is race season, you can register for the most unique race in all of Florida.

Review fitness classes and activities at runsup.com and register for Run Club, RUN/SUP workout (on the trails and on the board), SUP Yoga, TRX classes, FUN/SUP for kids, RUN/SUP Races, and special clinics that pop up throughout the year, such as SUP Fishing. 

In addition to the Boathouse Paddle Club location, the RUN/SUP Retail Store is located in the Shops of Old Seagrove near 723 Whiskey Bravo. It is the place to find everything an athlete needs, from running shoes to stylish athletic clothing. Ask the team where the best running trails are or where you can SUP. You can even join them for their free RUN/SUP group. 

The BoatHouse Paddle Club is located on the shores of Western Lake in WaterColor. They're open daily for paddle board rentals, instruction and fitness classes. Check the runsup.com website for seasonal hours, fitness class schedule, paddle clinics for kids, run club, and RUN/SUP races. Join the crew, get updates on races, new products, retreats and events by signing up for news. Follow BoatHouse Paddle Club on Facebook for updates, photos, events and all the fun.

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