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Space Junkie @ Cuvee Bistro

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What: Space Junkie @ Cuvee Bistro
When: Monday, December 31, 2012
Time: 9:30 pm

Wine, Dine & Party like a Mayan...
New Year's Eve at Cuvee Bistro. Doors open at 5:30 and live music by Space Junkie starts at 9:30pm.

Space Junkie is a Gulf Coast based act that specializes in almost every kind of music, and must be seen live to be believed. It is often said that they don't just push the envelope, they run it through a shredder. A more apropos description is that they deliver it via railgun into the nearest active Einstein-Rosen bridge.

Florida's Gulf Coast music scene has been inundated with new bands of every sort over the past several years, but none of them have carved a niche quite as unique as Space Junkie. With their highly energetic shows, a jawdropping selection of music, and a sound that can't possibly be coming from a live band, Space Junkie is unlike any other group out there today. Or ever, for that matter. Let's be frank, how many versions of 'Margeritaville', 'Mustang Sally', or 'Play That Funky Music, White Boy' can a person actually sit through before he starts screaming for mercy? Space Junkie breathes refreshingly new life into the local routine. Fortunately for the band, audiences have demonstrated an eagerness to accept their long overdue overhaul of the Gulf Coast music scene, but the changes didn't come overnight.

"It took several years, and it was a lot of work to get it just to sound right," says Junkie bassman Rob Hasker. "We dragged (the audiences) kicking and screaming into this, and I think that, ultimately, they like it."

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