Bigger, Better, Buds: Bud & Alley's Expansion

September 30, 2020 by Abby Eller

Bud & Alley’s, Seaside’s beloved beach-front restaurant and bar known for its casual fine dining, is one of the most notable landmarks along Scenic30A, and is celebrating its 34th anniversary with several exciting enhancements.

Beginning as a small waterfront restaurant and bar in 1986, improvements have gradually been made through the years with care and consideration to honor the original architecture. A major renovation and expansion is just finishing up, and Buds is open and serving lunch and dinner every day.

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“We always wanted to grow Bud & Alley’s slowly, adding elements every 5 to 10 years as our business increased,” explains owner Dave Rauschkolb. “I have always liked the funkiness of Seaside and Bud & Alley’s structure has certainly retained that. For a building that has been added to in so many ways it sure works well.”

A new entrance plaza will flank Bud & Alley’s to the east and west with a tree-lined walkway. 850 additional square-feet will be added to the cherished roof-top deck, making for a larger and more enjoyable respite from the often crowded bar. Now, not only is there a stunning Gulf view, but an unparalleled panoramic view of Seaside’s downtown life in Central Square as well. 

“People come year after year because we consistently offer good food, good drink, and a relaxing beach vibe,” says Mo Moseley, esteemed bartender extraordinaire for over 21 years at ‘Buds’ and creator of the coveted Mo-Margaritas. “The new upgrade gives us the opportunity to offer a larger crowd the upbar experience.” 

Daily sunset celebrations on the rooftop bar have been a Seaside tradition for decades. It’s the place to be when the sun dips below the horizon. Once completed, the stunning three-story bell tower entrance to the roof-deck, equipped with an elevator, will house the restored 1888 steam train bell. The revered bell rings daily at sunset marking an end to another day in paradise.

Additional enhancements include the much-need beach access, 10 new bathrooms, including two conveniently located upstairs, plans for a roadside bar fronting the restaurant along 30A, and the recently built observation and lounge area perched above the upper bar allowing guests to soak in the views. 

“I am so thrilled that our customers will now have a 360 degree view of beautiful Seaside,” states Kathryn Kenner, Event Coordinator. “Patrons have always been able to view the white sand beaches from our rooftop, but incorporating views of the town, with it’s one of a kind architecture, will allow them the opportunity to appreciate the full Seaside experience.” 

Bud and Alley’s holds a special place for so many near and far. Some of life’s grandest moments have been celebrated within its hallowed walls and on its decks overlooking the Gulf of Mexico’s emerald coast.  

“The additional square footage and views created by the rooftop expansion will allow us to deliver the coastal event experience to more guests,” adds Kenner.

From sunrise to sunset, Bud and Alley's makes dining on the Gulf special.Though much has changed over the years, so much remains the same, including their fresh, locally sourced menu favorites such as Bud & Alley’s famous crab cakes, barbecue shrimp, and the one thing I order every time without fail  - the sweet potato fries.  

Here’s to more sunsets and many more years of memories at Bud & Alleys!

Bud & Alley’s is located on Scenic Hwy. 30A overlooking the Gulf in Seaside. The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner. For more information on Bud & Alley’s Waterfront Restaurant, call (850) 231-5900 or visit Follow Bud & Alley's on Facebook for the latest updates.


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Abby hails from nearby Niceville and loves the beach as much as anyone that ever lived. Her background in event planning, branding, and marketing allows her to share her love of the beach with the world.

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