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Introducing The Camden & Whitby at Alys Beach

May 3, 2019 by SoWal Staff

On the Alys Beach amphitheater overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, Alys Beach Real Estate is offering luxury condominiums that follow the success of The Lucian and The May.

Both the Camden and Whitby hold a new and prominent luxury residential location in the Town Center of Alys Beach, as well as offering unique retail experiences. Architectural cousins, related but unique, each building is expressive of its own distinct personality.

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The architecture of these new buildings borrow from the rich traditional vernacular of Bermuda and the sculptural plaster language evolving at Alys Beach and are seamlessly woven into the fabric of the Town Center. The architectural details comprised of retail steel windows, iron balconies, crafted tile and large openings add a touch of modernity to the traditional and familiar forms of the massing. These residences were carefully crafted to take full advantage of their prominent location anchoring the Amphitheater. Each residence has a gracious outdoor terrace extending the main gathering  spaces from the indoors to the outdoors, while the large open floor plans combined with the accompanying terraces are ideal for entertaining and family gatherings. Large, glazed window walls facilitate an outdoor lifestyle, with views to the heart of Alys Beach.


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