Pilates by the Sea Expands to Sandestin

December 16, 2013 by Jill Tanner

Laurie Beck jumped at the chance to bring her style of fitness and fun to Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. Her studio in Santa Rosa Beach has been going strong for a few years and she is thrilled to be able to expand.

Pilates by the Sea at Sandestin Fitness Center is located in the Linkside Conference Center on the bay. Laurie has has teamed up with her son, Tyler Beck, and Cecile Bankston, a world-renowned Pilates instructor, for this new venture. They all feel like they have been granted a special opportunity to bring Pilates to the Sandestin resort. And they are ready to begin training guests and changing lives.


Four years ago, Cecile was vacationing in the area, but Pilates is a daily part of her life so she was thankful to find Laurie's studio while on vacation. Laurie had heard of Cecile and she was happy to offer her a key to the studio. Over the years, and many workouts later, the two grew to be close friends, and now business partners.

It was in 2006 that Laurie was diagnosed with an incurable cancer. She set out on a mission to cure herself – and with the help of the Tortoise Clinic and Eastern Medicine, she did. Laurie’s battle brought her even closer to Pilates as she found balance in her life.

Cecile, a former professional ballerina, had her own challenge. She struggled with frequent migraines and began to lose her way. She wasn't training, and pretty much gave up until Laurie interjected. 

One day Laurie called her and said, “I am not going to let you fade away.” Knowing what Laurie had just been through, Cecile picked herself up and got back into Pilates.


Cecile has taught all over the world since and studied under the students of the founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates. Now, these two women are in the perfect place in their lives to join forces and bring their knowledge to the people who live and visit South Walton and beyond.
Cecile and Laurie are among the best Pilates teachers in the world and they are right here in South Walton. They are also about to begin instructor certification classes in January. The certification process lasts from January to May and is one weekend per month. During the other weekends, instructors in training are expected to observe other classes and instructors.

Pilates was originally designed by a man for men, and is not for the weak at heart. It is all about balancing your body, strengthening your core, and breathing deep. Pilates can change your life if you do it properly and Laurie, Cecile, and Tyler can teach you how. They want to be the ones who get to give that gift to people for the first time. Get balanced and healthy at Pilates by the Sea at Sandestin Fitness Center.

The original location is located in Santa Rosa Beach on Hwy 98 near Publix. See the SoWal Business Guide to learn more about Pilates by the Sea and rate and comment. 


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