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Redd the Singing Bartender Fuels Good Times

March 13, 2017 by Kerri Parker

Redd has big red hair, a big personality, and a big singing voice. She sings and serves at her colorful little bar behind Sally's By The Sea Store in Blue Mountain Beach. At Redds Fueling Station, the fuel for good times is equal parts beloved tunes, yummy food, and cold drinks.

Redds is a truly local joint - the type of place you might not expect in our quaint beach town, making the experience that much more interesting. One minute it's like you're just hanging out in Redd's living room, and the next minute you're in a cabaret waving cash in the air, beckoning the bold redhead to sing just about any song you want.

“I loved to sing as a teenager. I was in show choir and played in musicals. Never the lead role, but I loved to be on stage,” says Redd.

Redd has come full circle, back to her passion of singing. You can assume the extra ‘D’ in her nickname emphasizes her gregarious personality. She calls her unique gig “Singing and Slinging.” Redd bartends and runs the floor while belting out requested songs. She has rules in place to keep the requests and tips flowing:
Rule #1: Clap if you like what you hear.
Rule #2: Always clap.

Redds Fueling Station hosts live music on Friday night’s featuring some of the best local musicians around, and even some great legends too. If you are a music lover, be sure to stay on top of who is playing, as Redd wears many hats, and often she doesn’t announce who is coming until days before. Redds is the kind of place you might be surprised by the likes of Gary Allman and David Goldflies ripping up the stage on a Friday night.

Redd has hundreds of tunes in her repertoire.

Redds also hosts the longest-running Open Mic Night in South Walton. Every Wednesday night anyone is invited to get up on stage and share their love of music. Being on stage takes courage. Choosing to make your work your stage takes courage dipped in juicy gusto, soaked in smokin’ hot sauce – that’s Redd.

We celebrate locals like Redd who bring color to our town, and nurtures the talent among us.

Photos by Molly Parker

SoWal Insider Tip - be sure to try the Reddarita - fresh squeezed lime with orange juice and vodka.


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