Lake Monster, Pirates And Ghosts Lurk At Camp Helen

On October 9th, a night of hauntingly-good family fun is planned for visitors who dare to visit Camp Helen State Park.

The Friends of Camp Helen are once again hosting tours that include ghost stories and spooky tales intertwined with the history of the park as recollected by residents and visitors.

The Ghost Walk and History Tour is on Oct. 9 from 5 to 8:30 p.m.

YOLO Seaside Celebration - Great White Sharks Not Included

Tom and Jeff believe you only live once. What could be more satisfying than sharing that philosophy with millions? But they don't just tell it, they prove it.

When Jeff Archer and Tom Losee created YOLO Board in 2006, they shared a goal to introduce stand up paddle boarding (SUP) to South Walton.

(Sharks?!? see video below)

A major part of their strategy was to create events that were new and exciting.  

Tour Seaside With Local Expert Mark Schnell

There are tourists and then there are tourists - no matter where you travel. In Firenze or Milano, the shoes are usually a dead giveaway. The natives are wearing soft leather loafers. The Americans are often decidedly less stylish.

In Seaside, the tell-tale signs are often times even more revealing. Anyone in a bathing suit and flip flops is here to have fun.

The men in black and women decked out head to toe in an equally monochromatic manner of dress are likely on a mission, or more specifically, an architectural pilgrimage.


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