SoWal People: Amy Walsh's Vision is Fore Her

When Amy Walsh gave birth to her first child, she knew her mother was dying from bone cancer. Even so, her parents jumped on a flight from Michigan to Santa Rosa Beach to meet their grandson. Although Amy was recovering from a cesarean, she explained, “I cooked her dinner, rubbed her feet and made her sit in the sun.”

The founder of Fore Her is no stranger to public service, or cancer for that matter. Amy’s sister was a toddler when she was diagnosed with leukemia, a disease which, thankfully, was successfully treated.

Be Well at Salon Twist

A car accident is never a good thing, but life has a funny way of showing us opportunities, and they’re often hidden in some form of tragedy.

When a near fatal car accident left Gina Shiflett, owner of Salon Twist, temporarily paralyzed, her life took a major turn. Though she regained mobility within hours, Gina felt compelled to take a hard look at everything she thought she knew and make a change for the better.

Made in SoWal: Fusion Art Glass

Everyone likes to take a walk on the beach, but some of us have a real need to walk on the beach. We crave a connection with nature and feel the beach is a great place to do it. We don't just look at a dune and see a pretty sight. We see something that touches our souls. That's true of Russ Gilbert. He moved here over 20 years ago from nearby Chipley and hasn't regretted it for a second.

The Kitty Castle Is A Dream With A View

It was the summer of 1986 when David and Susan Lowery visited South Walton for the first time. Traveling from Dallas, with little money to spare, they remember it as the first family vacation they could afford.

While staying in Sandestin, they saw an advertisement for Bud and Alley’s and found their way to the restaurant on Scenic 30A. One visit was all it took and they began staying in Seaside as often as possible.

SoWal People: Billy McConnell On The Square

Billy McConnell is the Operations Director for Jim Shirley Enterprises and is one of the busiest people in South Walton, overseeing the operation's restaurant and catering businesses for Great Southern Cafe, The Bay Restaurant, 45 Central Wine Bar, and 331 South. Billy resides in Seagrove Beach with his wife Nancy and his number one dog, Ruca.

The Energizer Bunny’s got nothing on you! What is your secret…do you take special vitamins or supplements to keep you going?

Inside the Studio with Justin Gaffrey Chapter One

“This is my favorite part, hear the bass thumping? Sometimes it’ll be tribal music, and sometimes it’s classical,” says Madra McDonald, Justin Gaffrey’s publicist. Surrounded by Point Washington State Forest, we walk across the gravel driveway into the warehouse Justin built to accommodate his growing creative interests, which now include welding and sculpting.


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