SoWal People - Joe Elmore of Elmore's Landing

Artist Joe Elmore is a big fella. Some would describe him as being “larger than life.”  Although he excels in almost every art medium, his huge wood sculptures reflect his skills with the chainsaw. Witness the huge cypress Indian head and California redwood buffalo sculptures that grace the entrance to his gallery, Elmore’s Landing, located on Hwy 331 just north of South Walton High School. The huge piece of redwood used for his big buffalo sculpture washed out of a California state park.

SoWal People: Jeff Talbert of the Florida Park Service

Jeff Talbert loves the outdoors and he loves photography. Being a Resource Management Park Services Specialist for the state of Florida and stationed at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park gives him unique opportunities to combine his interests. Jeff often is in a great position to photograph South Walton wildlife in the park. We've enjoyed his photography for years and are happy to share a bit.

Coastal Dune Lakes Documentary Continues at Escape To Create

 It was wonderful to come back to Walton County for an extended period of time earlier this year. First, with Escape To Create as an Artist in Residence at Seaside, and now returning on my own to capture more moving images for this documentary story. Each working visit affirms the importance to showcase the Coastal Dune Lakes of Walton County. 

Idyll Hounds Brewing Company's Instructions are Beach, Beer, Repeat

When Frasier Hansen and Shawn Sherman met a few years ago, opening a craft brewery in South Walton was just a seed of a dream. A lot of planning, anxiety, sweat, and financing has passed since, and Idyll Hounds Brewing Company is about to blossom. The duo beam like proud poppas when speaking of the first batch of ale soon to be to be brewed in their brand-new facility in the South Walton Commerce Park, off Hwy 98 between Point Washington and Rosemary Beach.

SoWal People - Demetrius Fuller Living The Dream

Demetrius Fuller is a proud beach local who is the very embodiment of exceptional talent and generous spirit. His dream was to create a professional orchestra for our community, with an eye toward giving back whenever possible.

Demetrius has succeeded in achieving his main dream, and as the founder of Sinfonia Gulf Coast, he is able to give back to the community through entertainment, education, and inspiration.



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