Sundog Books In Seaside Is Such A Pleasure

Sundog Books, at the heart of Seaside’s charm, definitely has its own story. Stepping up to the porch, you start to get the feeling this isn’t your average bookstore – and you’re right!

You may be greeted by a local author on the porch, signing her latest dream. As you pass over the threshold onto the worn hardwood floor you'll spot Patty, the owners' 14-year-old dog. She's part of the welcoming committee and an easy reminder to slow it on down. Yes, right away, the experience is a step back in time.

Central Square Records Rocking New Owners

Drumroll please! This Friday Night, October 8, Central Square Records (located above Sundog Books in the Seaside square) has a reason to celebrate – and YOU are invited!

Come join Jenny and Tom King as they share a very exciting event…new ownership! They have a great line up of things going on from 5:00 – 8:00, that you won’t want to miss!

For those of you who love Central Square Records just the way it is, don’t worry. The new owners are familiar faces and have been a governing force in Central Square Records since it opened originally in 2003.

The Bicycle Man Is A SoWal Legend

If you're looking for a used bike and you ask a local where to find one, you're likely to be told to go see "the bicycle man". He's sort of a living legend around SoWal.

The dictionary defines  “legend” as a non-historical story, or the story of an admirable person.

The definition applies to the life of 89-year-old Leon Sulfridge, better known as  “Jack, the bicycle man.”


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