Children's Volunteer Health Network Programs Reach Major Milestones

April 20, 2016 by SoWal Staff

As Children’s Volunteer Health Network, Inc. (CVHN) continues its mission to improve the lives of children in need, two of their programs reached a major milestone last month. The CVHN Dental Clinic located in Santa Rosa Beach and the Just for Grins Mobile Dental Clinic each reached $2 million in free services provided to children in need in Walton and Okaloosa Counties.
This milestone for each of these programs demonstrates the severity of the issue we are battling and the importance of these two dental programs”, says CVHN Executive Director Zach Billingsley. “Many people don’t realize there are hundreds of kids right here in our back yard with severe dental issues requiring immediate attention. The treatments are simply unaffordable for the families so the kids go without. Many people also don’t realize the extent of the effect this has on a child. Along with the physical pain, their self-esteem declines and they lose hope for their future."  
CVHN’s state-of-the-art full service dental clinic in Santa Rosa Beach offers children a dental home where they can receive essential care to repair severe decay and other restorative dental treatments. CVHN’s Mobile Clinic ‘Just for Grins’ travels to schools and other non-profits focusing on preventive care. Together these two programs have helped more than 12,700 children providing more than $4 million in free services to local children.
“This milestone is also a tribute to our amazing staff who work on the dental bus and inside the clinic. This many children are not helped without a dedicated and caring team on the front lines. When you see a child leave the dental chair and get excited about coming back, you know you have something special going with your team”, says Billingsley.
CVHN Dentist, Dr. Kerri Hanson explains, “Without proper care dental issues become more severe over time, and may eventually result in a trip to the ER.” 

CVHN’s dental clinic and dental bus work year round to allow families the chance to forget about the enormous expenses that come with dental care and get their children the help they need and deserve.

“We believe every child should have access to quality care and have an opportunity to be healthy and happy. Until that happens, there is more work to be done”, says Billingsley.
To learn more about Children’s Volunteer Health Network's programs, make an appointment, donate or learn how you can get involved, visit the website at and sign up for newsletter updates. Follow Children's Volunteer Health Network, Inc. on Facebook for updates on programs and year round events.        

Save the DATE! CVHN's 12th annual Hurricane Party will take place at Bud and Alley's Restaurant in Seaside on Friday, Sep. 23. It's a great local tradition with much support from South Walton people and businesses. Last year's Hurricane Party was a sold out event!

Financial support comes from many sources including community partners, foundations, fundraising and individual donors. Children’s Volunteer Health Network receives no government funding. CVHN receives support from other community-wide fundraising events throughout the year such as the annual Hurricane Party in Seaside in September, 30A Wine Festival in Alys Beach in March, Destin Wine Charity Auction Foundation (DWCAF) wine tasting events, auctions, wine dinners and festivals.

Local dining and special events are held by South Walton businesses in support of CVHN's mission. Check Events Calendar for all the good things coming to our town.

Children's Volunteer Health Network, Inc. is a faith-based 501(c)(3) organization, established in 2005 in response to Walton and Okaloosa County's large population of low income families who are unable to access high quality health services due to the unavailability (or inadequacy) of insurance. The mission of CVHN is to improve the health and well-being of children in need. CVHN strives towards this mission by utilizing a network of over 95 local volunteer physicians, dentists and other healthcare providers. CVHN spends 94 cents of every dollar on its programs. The vision of CVHN is for all God’s children to be healthy, happy and see their futures as limitless. Until that day there is more work to be done. For more information visit   

CVHN headquarters in Santa Rosa Beach and Just For Grins mobile clinic serving children in Walton and Okaloosa Counties. Children’s Volunteer Health Network is, for a great many children and families in our communities, the first and strongest line of defense against a vast array of childhood health complaints which, if left untreated, can become chronic, even life-threatening health problems.

Read more about CVHN and other outstanding groups and organizations serving the South Walton and surrounding areas in the SoWal Groups & Orgs Guide. Find out how you can help.


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