Don Pedros - Authenticity at Family-Run Mexican Restaurant

Every time a rumor swirls about the opening of a new Mexican restaurant that will give diners the opportunity to devour “real” tamales and enchiladas, current Mexican restaurants are compared and dissected for authenticity.

One of those is Don Pedros Café and Bakery, which has managed to attract a loyal following with good food, reasonable prices and generous portions.

Red Bay Grocery Continues To Evolve

Even before the Red Bay Grocery opened just shy of two years ago, it was an unusual operation because area residents were permitted to buy shares in the store.

Principal owner Charles Morgan offered 49 people an opportunity to be shareholders at $1,000 each with the guarantee they could get a full refund after a year.

At the one-year anniversary meeting of shareholders, even though there were no profits to share, only one person decided to pull out of the fledgling operation.

Stinky's Fish Camp - The Best Shrimp Ever

 “With a name like Stinky’s…it better be good,” reads the server’s t-shirt. And it is good - oh-my-God, stay-out-of-my-plate, best-fried-shrimp-I’ve-ever-tasted good.

Stinky’s Fish Camp & Wine Bar on Scenic 30A in Santa Rosa Beach is what it is and ain’t what it ain’t.

It is the restaurant of choice for locals and the inside joke of tourists who leave with “Peace. Love. Stinky’s.” t-shirts. It ain’t like anything you’ve ever had before.

Gravel Road Makes Smooth Move To Seagrove

When Jesse Hart relocated Gravel Road to a more visible spot in Seagrove Beach, it was more than just a change of address.

Chef Hart also created what he describes as a practical menu with moderate prices where people could dine more frequently.

While Hart might have lowered prices, he certainly didn’t lower his standards for food quality, service or ambiance.

The new locale also has the feel of fine dining with dark walls, muted lighting and tasteful music, he also retained servers with knowledge and skills that enhance the enjoyment of the meal.

Louis Louis: You Gotta Go

You probably know that Louis Louis in Santa Rosa Beach is the "sister" restaurant of the wildly popular Red Bar in Grayton Beach. It would be a mistake to think that if you have eaten at Red Bar, you have eaten at Louis Louis, if for no other reason than you would be missing a hell of a good meal at a very reasonable price.

La Crema - Simple Concept Carried Out With Style

For a chocolate devotee, what’s not to love about a restaurant that puts that luscious flavor right in the name?

La Crema Tapas and Chocolate located in Rosemary Beach unites simple pleasures – small bites of intriguing foods and Spanish wines with scrumptious chocolate concoctions – and was based on an idea Kevin and Kim Neel discovered while traveling in Spain.


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