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Walton County Democrats

We are a group of citizens interested in promoting Democratic ideals. All are welcome!

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This Judicial District has an election In Nov for State Attorney & Public Defender. There are currently no Dems running. It's important to have a concerned sympathetic PF and a fair minded, unbiased St Att. Anyone know someone who might be willing to run? Seems a very good year to give it a try? Filing Deadline June 12. Having candidates would benefit & benefit from the Congressional race.
I’d like to get a Biden 2029 bumper sticker Steve Ingram 850-685-1546 Thanks
I’m a dem from Illinois looking for the dems in Walton Co. Fl
I just arrived from IL. Already voted Democrat. I’d like to help your committee with getting people to vote. I will be wearing a mask. I’m here for 6 months.

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