South Walton Smells Fishy

The past two weeks we've had some wonderful weather here at the beach.

Warm, sunny and calm with no crowds, it's times like this that makes you remember why you live here!

Alas, all good things come to end and it started blowing pretty dang hard out of the NE yesterday morning and the forecast is for that wind to continue for most of the week. No big surf on the beach (yet) but I sure wouldn't want to be two miles offshore in a 23 knot wind.

Truly Terrorizing Tripletails

Got back from almost three weeks at Indian Pass just in time to be stuck on the hill by Tropical Storm Harvey.

Oh well, lots of chores after being gone that will now get done.

My anglers and I had a big time at the pass but the Tarpons were kinda thin there this year. We saw fish every day and put a few in the air for anglers to dance with but never had the "show" with hundreds of fish feeding all around the boat or days of jumping lots of fish.

From Tunas to Tarpon

Today was my last day in Grayton/Seagrove for three weeks.

We are off to Indian Pass tomorrow for the annual Tarpon & Tripletail chase. Word from the guys over there is the fish showed real good several weeks ago and then thinned out with the weather we have had the past week. Tarpon like it hot, dry and calm and should show back up in force by the end of this week if the weather cooperates as predicted.

Snappers, Cobias and Kings, Oh My!

After a few real pretty days I am back on the hill today, Saturday, July 29th with a little blow from a summer cold (?) front.

The Gulf is just rough enough for it not to be fun and the forecast is for nice again tomorrow so it's a short break. The folks I had to cancel on Saturday morning got rained out a few weeks ago though so for them it's been a bad run of weather.

Jumpin' and Jammin' Fishing in July

I know, it's been awhile since I sat down and did a report but the Gulf has been calm, the fish have been biting and I have been steady runnin' every day. This afternoon we had a bunch of thunderstorms pop up that made me cancel my PM trip so I am trying to catch up some.

We have been limiting out on Red Snappers on the Fridays , Saturdays and Sundays they are open. While most are "regular size" I have had some folks catch a few downright BIG Un's the past couple weeks.

SoWal Activities for 30A and South Walton Beaches

Want to know what there is to do in South Walton? Our 26-mile stretch of pristine coastline is filled with the aroma of clean salt air and the fresh scent of deep pine forests, and is interwoven with the unique charm of many idyllic beach communities. Whatever your preference, from beachside cottages to world-class resorts, you’ll find it here along Scenic 30A. Explore the sugar-white sands and emerald green waters of top-rated beaches, the woods and marshlands where endangered plants, animals and exotic birds thrive … you'll love our unspoiled nature.


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