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Alan Ficarra has been building beautiful, high quality, structurally-sound homes from Destin to Panama City Beach since 1986. With over 25 years of experience, Ficarra Builders has developed a reputation for unsurpassed quality and attention to detail. The hands-on approach has allowed Alan to lead his company toward continued growth while garnering an excellent reputation.

Alan’s key to success is simple: experience coupled with a skilled and trained staff of professionals. Ficarra Builders employs its own carpenters, some who have been with the company for more than 15 years. This guarantees the constant supervision needed to ensure the quality Ficarra is known for.

In addition to consistently delivering his product with quality and professionalism, Alan believes cultivating relationships with clients and understanding their needs is paramount. By working as a team with the architect and the homeowner, he creates an ideal relationship to ensure that the objectives, goals and budget for the home are met.

The proof is in the results. Alan and his team enjoy success and constant growth as a result of this team approach, and they have continued to give each homeowner the individual attention they deserve and expect.

“Alan is very detailed oriented and quite the perfectionist. He understood exactly what we wanted,” says client Susan Lowrey.

You can get an insider’s look at Ficarra’s work on Susan’s project in the SoWal feature story, The Kitty Castle Is a Dream with A View.

“Thank God we hired Alan. He has saved us money, been a great communicator and nothing is impossible in his eyes,” Susan boasts of her builder, and now, friend.

Ficarra Builders is located at 228 Market Street in Santa Rosa Beach. Their office is open Monday-Friday during regular business hours. For more information, please call (850) 267-2898 or email contact@ficarra.com. Visit Ficarra Builders online at www.ficarra.com, and follow along on Facebook for updates and photos of new projects.


Comments / Testimonials

 Submitted by Dave Schmit on 11/01/11.

We had our home built in Seaside by Ficarra Builders in 2004. As a builder myself, I appreciated the manner in which Alan conducted his business. His reputation is paramount to him and shows in his communication, craftmanship and desire to create a delighted customer. He has come back many times over the years to attend to things that have come up or give us guidance on maintenance issues. I heartily recommend Ficarra Builders to owners seeking a quality builder who delivers a well built home that will stand the test of time.


Submitted by Kevin Stump on 11/01/11.

Alan has gone above and beyond the call of duty even after our home was built. He not only is a great builder but he is a tremendous resources for us on all normal wear and tear issues. As an out- of- town owner, it is critical for us to have someone we trust like Alan to help oversee maintenance of our home. He helped save us from a disaster when we had a water leak in the middle of the 2009-2010 winter while we were 5,000 mile away and he is currently supervising the first painting of our home. He is a conscientious, trustworthy builder that has made our beach experience better. We would highly recommend him to anyone.


Submitted by Jan and Dave Sanborn on 11/01/11.

We are the proud owners of the first house Alan built as an independent builder. Seaside was just expanding to the west side of town in 1987, and our cottage, Serendipity, stood all alone on Pensacola. We thought we were taking a gamble, and it was the absolute opposite. Choosing Alan as our builder was one of the best decisions we ever made. Our cottage was built with such attention to detail and quality craftsmanship that it still looks new today. Like others in this posting, Alan has helped us through the years with ongoing maintenance, and we just love walking through the door, knowing this cottage will be in our family and in great shape for years to come. Thank you, Alan! You are the absolute best!


Submitted by Ed & Anne Erbesfield on 11/01/11.

Alan has built homes in Santa Rosa Beach for me and several of my friends over the years. We all agree that he is the best builder in the area. He is attentave, involved in the total project from beginning to end, as well as available years after completetion for continuing follow up. He has become our trusted friend and we would not hesitate to use him again or reccomend him to others.


Submitted by Jon & Jackie Hodges on 11/01/11.

Alan is currently building our docks and installing our boat lifts on our canal lot in Holiday Isle in Destin. The entire experience has been great. We have built several homes through out the US and Alan by far has been the most professional contractor that we have worked with. I would recommend Ficarra Builders to anyone considering building a new home and he will be my first choice when we build our home.


Submitted by Ralph and Juli Mosley on 11/01/11.

On the day that we met Alan Seclusion Dunes was only a vision on a piece of paper. Alan was building a house close by and volunteered to help us envision a great view of the ocean from one of the lots. We bought the lot, hired the architect and hired Alan. We built our dream beach home long distance from Nashville, Tennessee. We were kept informed every step of the way about plans, budgets and schedules. Alan is always conscious of the fine balance between quality and price and keeps this balance by offering options.

Our home is of the highest quality and personal touches that Alan has developed during his building career. He is fond of talking about keeping Mr. Raindrop out of the house. We appreciated this after Hurricane Opal hit so hard. Our home was barely affected and Alan was there immediately to take care of one of his babies. Since we moved in in 1995 Alan has been willing to assist in suggesting craftsmen of different trades to help us maintain our home and make repairs and changes. His insistence on quality has served us well.

Alan is a man of his word and can be totally trusted.


Submitted by jane selfe on 11/01/11.

water water everywhere--especially in your house
unless you get alan ficarra to do your building.
my lot was between stallworth lake and the gulf and upon completion we had a tropical storm and 2 hurricanes.
not one drop of water came into the house [about 7000 sq feet]--- A LOT of windows. no water anywhere. not even under the front door.
a destroyed yard--a perfect house.
during the tropical storm I never woke up. thats how tight the windows are.
mr ficarra is on the job everyday, watching his people like a hawk.
this is the # 1 issue on the gulf.
alan knows how to keep water out of your house.
thanks alan.


Submitted by George & Diane Bradford on 11/01/11.

Alan Ficarra built our home at the beach in 1995, and did a magnificent job. When we decided to do an addition and remodeling in 2008, we didn't even contact anyone else. He is just that trustworthy and honest. Again, Alan did a fantastic job, and we love our new home. We would highly recommend his company to anyone without hesitation.


Submitted by greg and kathleen berkey on 11/01/11.

Alan and his staff are the ultimate professionals who pay attention to every detail while building your dream home at the beach. They KNOW how to build a house which will withstand the sun, sand and water of the beach---all based on years of experience. It's like trying to find the best surgeon to do your surgery. You want one with lots of experience and great communication. Well,look no further, they have it!
We highly recommend Ficarra Builders to anyone who is considering a house or other building project at the beach.


Submitted by Rainer and Marcia Hoeke on 11/01/11.

For the addition (of a bedroom and bath) to our house in Dune Allen we feel lucky to have contracted with Alan Ficarra. The construction of the existing house about ten years ago with a Destin contractor had not been a very happy experience. With Allen it was different. He really worked with us. This started with the bidding for the new project (which was finished on time in February 2011).

While some other bidders presented us with take-it-or-leave-it offers (all of them, including Alan’s, exceeding our budget), he was the only one willing to work with us to make the job fit the budget. Other points of appreciation: Alan delegated a capable supervisor to see the project through from start to finish. We were impressed by the quality of the work and by the care and diligence taken by Alan’s workers and the subcontractors he hired.

Also, for each phase of the project he provided us with a detailed budget update. And, finally, he finished the project on time and well within the agreed upon budget in spite of some changes and add-ons.


Submitted by Mary & Dan Holbrook on 11/01/11.

We met Alan while he was building Serendipity - our next door neighbor. We built Seaview in 1989 and have been delighted with it ever since. Alan did quality work that wears well. And when things need updating or replacing, he and his guys are here to do it for us.


Submitted by Cindy Meadows on 11/01/11.

Alan built my house in Watercolor. If you want a builder who is precise,
dependable, and pays attention to detail; hire Alan Ficarra. The house turned out beautiful and was on time and within my budget. And he is a nice person.
He even came back to check on the house years after it was built to make sure
everything was operational. I highly recommend Alan if you are building a home.


Submitted by walter wildstein on 11/01/11.

Alan Ficarra did renovations at our house at Rosemary Beach in 2009. He did an excellent job and takes pride in his work.. We would not hesitate to recommend him and would use him in the future.


Submitted by Jeff and Nanette Grant on 11/01/11.

We couldn't be more satisfied. We selected Alan Ficarra and his crew to build our home in Seaside and they built it as if they were building their own home. The attention to detail and the quality of work was amazing. I have 34 years of experience in residential construction here in California and being on the west coast, we knew we had to find a local builder who was trustworthy, knowledgeable and competent to build our dream home. After walking through many houses under construction in the Santa Rosa Beach area, it became apparent that Ficarra Builders' quality was far superior to the competition. Having Alan and his people complete our home was the best choice we could have made.


Submitted by Tom Baumbach on 11/01/11.

Alan was one of three bidders on some deep dive home repairs we needed on our Inlet Beach House. we selected him based on a very competitive price and his reputation. The real underlying problems did not surface till he got under way - a homeowners nightmare! He kept in constant touch with me each day as he peeled another layer of the onion, letting me know what he's found and giving me near real time inputs on how it would be reflectd in the cost to complete.

His workmen were efficient, respectful of our home interior and flexible - as he accomodated beach trips by my family. In the end, he had to remove most of our third floor ceiling, cut interior holes in two stories of wallboard and replace our missassembled decks where the real water issue resided.

He sent me frequent emails with photos - they made me start to wonder if he'd really be able to restore it to its original condition! I'm pleased to say he pulled it off beautifully and finished within dollars of his final estimate to complete. We definitely look forward to workin with him again


Submitted by Melinda and Pete LaBarre on 11/01/11.

Ficarra Builers constructed our Rosemary Beach home in 2001. Melinda and I couldn't be happier with the finished product. Their attention to detail was outstanding. Of particular importance to us is Alan's continued interest in the maintenance of our home. Its been almost ten years since we moved in but I can still call Alan with a question or a problem and he is always accomodating. He still drops by from time to time to see how the house is doing and answers any question we put to him. My experience with builders is that many of them disappear as soon as the paint is dry. Not Alan Ficarra. He has always been available.


Submitted by Karen & Mike Warren on 11/01/11.

Alan Ficarra built our home in Vizcaya in 1997, he demands only the best from himself and his crews, his attention to detail is more than even the pickiest client will expect. Alan took such pride in his work that we were completely at ease during the building process even though we were hours away and only able to come observe every few months. We have been our home for fourteen years, the quality of the construction is even more apparent now than when it was first built.

Being on the oceanfront presents special kinds of waterproofing issues, we found Alan to be a SPECIALIST in water leak prevention. Being on the water, we are the first to experience hurricane force winds, in spite of numerous hurricanes that have come through the Gulf we have NEVER had an insurance claim in fourteen years. This speaks to the quality of Alan Ficarra's construction expertise.

Alan is always in the area and stops by and he is the first and usually the only person we consult when we have questions on maintenance and/or improvements. Alan is honest, hardworking, a great communicator, and a good friend! We would absolutely recommend him and wonder why anyone would choose anyone else to build their home.


Submitted by J Mandula on 11/01/11.

I purchased a foreclosure home in Rosemary Beach built in 2000 that needed loads of TLC and updating. Through tax records, I discovered Alan was the builder and immediately called him to request his help, which he provided above and beyond any builder I have ever worked with. He had kept all of the construction prints, subs list and material suppliers, so repairing rotten doors and windows and matching original colors was painless. Alan has also provided maintenance services for me on anther beach home and he was a lifesaver in a pinch. I would recommend Alan to others looking for new or maintenance construction services.


Submitted by Les Allen on 11/01/11.

Alan constructed our home in Emerald Bay, Destin, in 1997. Time has proven that the home is well built, water tight, and requires no more then normal maintenance. Alan and his crew were true professionals. Most of the construction occurred while we lived in Birmingham.

DDuring the construction, Alan supplied me with detail cost information listing vendor, a description of the work, man hours, etc. I have maintained a fie of these reports which have eben handy in locating vendors and other information when maintenance maintenance maintenance is required

I have contacted Alan several times for assistance with repair or construction and he has been quick to respond and has been very helpful.

Lastly, Alan is a very detail person which results in well constructed home that can be enjoyed for years to come.


Submitted by Joshua McFall on 01/20/12.

I am a painting contract and have worked for Ficarra Builders on many projects.

Having experienced Allen's leadership first hand, I can assure you that he runs a truely tight ship. Allen takes a no nonsense approached, always focused on the durability of his product.

What impressed me most about Allen is that he never suggested that I "cut corners". Which is something I can say of only Allen and one other Builder in the area. I have painted dozens of dozens of high-end custom projects in the Emerald Coast, including some highly visible ones like Carrilon Beach Downtown, and much of Pier Park North, and have never worked with a bulider with more integrity than Allen Ficarra.

Allen emphasises accountability to the customer. He keeps a carefull account of the billing submitted by his subcontractors. Subs are expected to give a thurough description of every change order.

I've noticed that many home owner's recognize Allen's attention to detail, but I doubt they know the half of it. I have seen Allen climb out onto a second story roof to be sure that the bottoms of the tower windows are properly caulked! That is the dedication that keeps Allen's houses dry through Hurricanes.

Allen is tough and demanding... but always honest and fair.

Anyone looking to build in that area will definitely get their money's worth and more by hiring Ficarra Builders.


Submitted by David and Sylvia Larsen on 02/17/12

We chose Alan Ficarra to do our condominium kitchen remodeling and electrical and fixtures update in the Fall of 2011 after interviewing three contractors. Alan was then and is now highly responsive to our needs as clients, an astute observer of construction materials and code procedures. He is polite,punctual, honest and fair. His estimated cost for our project was right on target and his business practices above reproach, with careful itemizations and
easy to understand statements, presented in a timely manner. Alan has a loyal,efficient staff,and THE BEST CUSTOM CARPENTRY AND FINISH WORK WE HAVE EVER OBSERVED. Ficarra Builders has extensive resources to assist in the ease of the project,including a warehouse to assemble and store the materials specified and the particular specialty items we shipped for our own personal accents. Alan is a careful listener.
He is technologically gifted, transmitting up to the minute photos of work in progress with email comments and questions which made it a breeze for us to work with him, as we were
out of state residents. He studied complex installation specs for a state of the art ventless
dryer we wanted in a tight space, and we are delighted with the results. We delegated lots
of responsibility to Alan, because we trusted him, and he did not disappoint. He also has a sense of humor and quite a bit of patience. We are extremely pleased with his outstanding,excellent,professional,courteous help, and we recommend him without reservation, if you are fortunate enough to enlist his services, as we were.


Submitted by Guy Bradley on 12/23/13.

My wife and i purchased home in Old Florida Beach in 2011 that was a total redo. We loved the private development and the close proximity to the beach but the house was a disaster .It required a complete makeover from both the outside and inside and we needed the input and expertise of a local builder /contractort hat we could trust in order to get us through the process. Alan Ficarra was referred to us and he and his crew did an absolutely superb job in restoring the house into a virtually new home. His attention to detail and his organizational skills were spot on.We gave him an extremely tight time frame to complete the project and he passed with flying colors. When i reflect back i don't think Alan needed to take on a restoration project of this magnitude with so many pitfalls and, for that, we are very gratefu. We would not hesitate to refer Ficaar Builders to anyone interested in either remodeling /restoration or new construction.


Submitted by SoWal Visitor on 05/07/15.

One of the reasons we chose Ficarra Builders Inc. to build our home was because of your commitment to building a home that would last in these tough beach conditions. You told us the house wouldn't just look good but would be good right down to the bones. You said it would be tight enough to repel the driven rain and tough enough to withstand the assault of wind and salt air.Your emphasis was on structural integrity not just a handsome facade.

Given the above I thought you would be interested to learn how your work was evaluated 8 years after the home was completed. Recently we listed our Watersound Beach property and it sold for its full listing price the second day it was on the market. We used one of the largest, most respected firms
on 30-A to handle the transaction. Their person who is responsible for completing the inspections reports on their listings sent us the following message when our report was complete: "FOR THE SIZE OF YOUR HOME AND THE PROXIMITY TO THE WATER, THAT IS THE CLEANEST INSPECTION REPORT I HAVE EVER SEEN"

They say the proof is in the pudding and the above statement confirms for me that you did exactly what you said you were going to do when you built our house. It has been a great, low maintenance, home that we have loved living in, and I anticipate the new owners are going have a similar experience.


Bill Goodwin


Submitted by Alan Barnes on 06/14/15.

Ficarra Builders just finished a major renovation to our home in Seaside. They did a wonderful job of completing the work and working with our architect, Florida Haus. Along the way, Alan Ficarra made some great suggestions for improvements to the design and ways to save money. We ran into some significant structural problems during the project and Alan worked with the engineer to come up with a workable and affordable fix. I would highly recommend Ficarra Builders. The work they did for us included a complete kitchen remodel with all new appliances and significant caesar stone work, hardwood floor installation throughout the house, and major bathroom remodel as well. They also did significant structural work to fix problems with our tower and staircase. Job well done, Ficarra Builders!



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