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Southside Slice is a family-friendly pizza place serving up New York style pies with casual beach vibes in the heart of Rosemary Beach. The restaurant Is the brain-child of Shades Restaurant Group, that brought us local institution Shades Bar and Grill and the new, upscale Pescado on the rooftop of the same building as Southside Slice.

The local pizza joint is serving up specialty pizzas (whole and by the slice), sandwiches, salads, beer, wine and sodas. High quality toppings and homemade sauce are the hallmark of the perfect pizza. The culinary team went through countless recipes to make their house red sauce using only fresh, high quality ingredients. What culminated is a labor of love that is made from scratch daily using only fresh herbs and unique ingredients.

Their New York style crust is thin and fluffy and made from scratch daily, too. It’s the perfect base for piling on all five food groups for a taste of nutrition in every bite. Southside Slice has something for everyone to enjoy. Vegan cheese and gluten free crust are available for those with intolerances.

At Southside Slice, full service meets counter service. Order at the counter and leave your plates at the table. The crew will take care of clean up. No need for refills here - drinks come in bottles or cans…which is kind of a novelty. When’s the last time you found Orangina in a glass bottle at a pizza place? It’s glorious.

Lots of friends pick up pizza to-go for concerts, or plays, or movie nights on the green. Keep in mind, portions at Southside Slice are huge…medium looks like a large, and large looks like an extra-large. Go big or go home!

Southside Slice is open daily from 11 am-10 pm. Roomy outdoor seating is available on the cobblestone sidewalk next to Town Hall in Rosemary Beach. Visit to see the menu and order online. Order by phone at (850) 213-4611. Follow Southside Slice on social media: • Instagram - @Slice30A • Twitter - @Slice30A.

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