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If breakfast is what you are looking for, look no further than the new Grits & Grind located on the west end of a long-time local favorite restaurant, La Cocina in Seacrest Village.

From the early morning hours of 7 to 11:00 am Grits & Grind welcomes guests into a breakfast haven. You can dive into the exceptional breakfast menu created by Chef Erik Kellison within the newly refurbished indoors  or embrace an inviting outdoor courtyard. Children are welcome! 

Those who stick with the traditional eggs with bacon, don’t you worry, Grits & Grind will surely satisfy your taste buds, but those who dare to take on a menu with an overall ensemble of selections sensationalized with deliciousness, you will not be disappointed. 

Chef Erik is a breakfast man. We reckon you know the type; A man who pursues breakfast like a fisherman seeks a hidden reef. He has crafted recipes that will cure the hung-over, and feed a restless soul. Yes, this is verified ‘beach-style’ journalism. 

You might want to know that Grits & Grind is one of the few breakfast places in our beloved beach town that has a ‘real deal’ liquor license; meaning, when you order a bloody mary – you can be sure you are getting good ole vodka, and not that wine-based imitation nonsense that leaves you...dry.

Rick and Christy Spell of Spell Restaurant Group are the father/daughter duo behind many fine eateries along the beach communities in South Walton. They are basically shear restaurateur geniuses – buying a few fabulous spots and then tapping into talent and passion among our culinary craftsman and craftswoman. While genuinely establishing a company culture that recognizes and rewards the best and brightest, they discovered Chef Erik Kellison.

Chef Erik originally hails from their sister restaurant George’s in Alys Beach. Chef Erik was their morning prep sous chef but he quickly became a source of notoriety among the Spell kinfolk for having an outrageous talent for making breakfast fare.  Lucky or not, Chef Erik was bound to be discovered for his craft of mingling flavors from locally sourced farms, and delivering breakfast in a manner that isn’t fancy, but sure does fancify the most important meal of the day- BREAKFAST.

The menu is malleable. If someone you know (bless their little heart) is a picky eater, you won’t have a problem gently getting them what they want (sigh). If you know how to take on the good grub meant for gods, you certainly should try the smoked salmon benedict. Fresh is the keyword: Fresh salmon, tomato, spinach on top of a homemade biscuit with hollandaise and dill. 

There are pancakes that in the sense of the word – should be easy to describe; however, you might start a family feud on who gets the leftovers (and perhaps be traumatized by why poor Aunt Sue tiny hands got smacked by mean ole grandma). Because we are peacemakers, we certainly suggest ordering one of everything and sharing. It would be an outright travesty if you did not choose the grits fully loaded. With that said, everyone should have their own because indeed, you will want the grits all to yourself. 

As purveyors of all that is good about South Walton, we would be remiss not to tell you that you can follow the Grit & Grind Facebook for news, specials, and encourage you to check out their menu on their website. Perhaps take a moment to share the good news about Grits & Grind and their entrance to the culinary scene in our beach town!





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