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Grits & Grind

Rise and grind! Start your day off bright and right with a hearty breakfast in a vibrant atmosphere in SoWal. Grits & Grind serves breakfast every morning on the west end of its sister restaurant, La Cocina. Enjoy the most important meal of the day in a festive atmosphere or out on the patio where you can soak up some sunshine.

At Grits & Grind, you can count on the fact that every pot of coffee is freshly ground with high-altitude organic Tuscan Hills coffee beans and every glass of OJ is freshly squeezed. Grits & Grind is one of the few breakfast places in our beloved beach town that has a "real deal" liquor license. That means when you order a Bloody Mary, you can be sure you are getting actual vodka instead of that wine-based imitation nonsense that leaves you wanting more.

The food is just as satisfying. The Grits & Grind Sandy, a biscuit sandwich with scrambled eggs, American cheese, and bacon served with a side of home fries, brings together all the best of breakfast while giving a nod to the restaurant's name. The French Toast, made with brioche bread, chantilly cream, and berries, is always a classic favorite for anyone with a sweet tooth. Sure to please is the Crabby Benedict featuring two all-lump crab cakes, sliced tomato, fresh spinach, two eggs, and hollandaise sauce.

It's no surprise that Grits & Grind offers several South of the Border items. Since La Cocina and Grits & Grind share the same kitchen, the transition from Southern breakfast food to Tex-Mex lunch and dinner is smooth as can be. The Chilaquiles Stack, Chorizo Sausage Breakfast Burrito, and Sombrero Omelets are popular items in this mix.

So, what does Grits & Grind mean? Aside from the obvious, breakfast grits and coffee grinds, the name has some additional backstory. Spell Restaurant Group, the family-owned collection of restaurants that includes Grits & Grind, La Cocina, and more, took inspiration from the Memphis Grizzlies’ “Grit and Grind” style of play on the basketball court and thought it would be a perfect handle for their SoWal breakfast spot. That’s why the Grizzly bear is featured prominently on all Grits & Grind logos. Show your spirit with a cool Grits & Grind t-shirt, cap, or coffee cup; they're all emblazoned with the Grits & Grind Grizzly bear!

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