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Building Homes for Heroes

Building Homes for Heroes is a national non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2006. Building Homes for Heroes is strongly committed to supporting the brave men and women of the military who have returned home from the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan with severe wounds and disabilities, with a goal to build homes for families in dire need. It's our honor to support the men and women who have loyally and courageously served our country.
Since 2006, Building Homes for Heroes has been at the forefront of making a significant difference in the lives of the severely wounded men and women of the military forces of the United States. We build homes from the ground up or modify existing homes to meet the needs of the brave men and women who selflessly served our country. These mortgage-free homes not only help to remove the family's financial burden, they help to restore the individual's freedom, and enable the veteran to lead a more independent and productive civilian life.
During the fiscal year ended 12/31/2012, Building Homes for Heroes achieved record gains, growing in total support and revenue by 232%. The organization worked on 25 homes for severely wounded veterans, with high hopes that we'll be able to gift as many as 25 homes in 2013.
A strong focus on organizational efficiency, while building upon a stellar, well-respected reputation, has been the key to Building Homes for Heroes meeting its goals and objectives. Building Homes for Heroes operated with just five employees in 2012, and neither the president nor our board members are compensated. They strive to keep overhead costs down and have been very successful in achieving this goal. With growing support from contractors, corporations, volunteers, and supporters, Building Homes for Heroes attained a program service percentage of 93% in 2012. This figure measures the percentage of our expenditures that went directly toward program-related activities.
Building Homes for Heroes encourages the wounded veterans we have assisted, or are currently assisting, to travel to our events and take part in other organizational endeavors to support other men and women who have been severely injured. We believe this enables our recipients to build camaraderie with other wounded veterans who may later become recipients, but also to take another step toward being defined by their accomplishments and activities, and not their injuries or disabilities.

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